【Character Event】Collaboration of Shachiku-chan × BEMAGI II

【Character Event】Collaboration of Shachiku-chan × BEMAGI II

【Update Information】 Beat & Magicians Ver.5.2.0

【Update Information】 Beat & Magicians Ver.5.2.0


Next-generation rhythm game!
Breed! Grow! Music in battle!!

Trying to form a unit and collecting anime!

In the units together formed a rhythm battle!
By impeding the opponent with skills, advantage!

To win the battle and get experience points, character to grow!

Go to the Dungeon in the unit's own
Tried to enhance the character's skills in the item!

Or play against a friend online
In between the teams can battle!
Chance can play against celebrities too!

You can check BEMAGI play movies!


Over 100 Music

"Senbon zakura", "happy synthesiser" "Bad infinity End ∞ Night" dancing ☆ Samurai, '-dichlorobenzene' famous vocaloid songs, too! Some songs but not play by Maj!

Over 100 Charactors

From kawaii anime cool Anime music to liven up until the character also appeared one after another! I

Play with celebrity

can play in the creator of the reality involved in music, singers, dancers and games!