Gift Receipt

Item Code

About Item Code

Item code is a code consisting of upper case alphanumeric 12 digits (eg. ABCD-EF01-GH23). You can earn various items by entering this.
It is bundled with CDs, books, goods and so on.

You can only use the item code once in Bimaji's application.
Even those used by other users can not be used again if they are used once.

However, even items issued in the same campaign can acquire the same item as many times as it is unused item code.
If you obtained multiple item codes, let's enter all item codes.

If it is a mobile terminal, you can obtain an item by entering the item code in the form below.

Input Item Code

Present word

About Present word

A Present Word is a word consisting of lower case letters and numbers.
You can get it from movies, announcements such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

The Present Word can be used only once for each user.
Instead, any user can use the same Present Word.
Since anyone can use it, let's use it when you got a Present Word!

If you are a mobile terminal, you can get items by entering a Present Word in the form below.

Input Present word