Battle Tower

【Music Event】Release of PIERROT


2017/3/27 ~ 2017/4/10

KEI HAYASHI's music [ PIERROT ] is able to play in BEMAGI!
Let's clear the stage of the battle tower and get this music!

【Character Event】Collaboration of Shachiku-chan × BEMAGI


2017/3/1(Wed) ~ 2017/3/31(Fri)

Collaboration of Shachiku-chan will be started!
Let's clear the stage of the event and get rare items!

Special scout map for a limited time is launched.
Let's get rare characters for a only this time!!

【Ikinokore! Shachiku-chan 2 is released】

A total of 150,000 copies accumulating voices of empathy!

Work in a black IT company
System Engineer / Company Manager 's
Sadly healed company lucky manga ② Volume!

In this volume I drew a junior's independence
Includes a drawn cartoon!

In addition, sister of company slut
New character such as Byte also appears!

The gray animal living life in which the mind and body are exhausted
If you read this book, you can spend it well !!


Price ¥570 + tax

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(C)2017 Vitaone (C)2017 Yuuki.