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[Updates] Beat & Magicians Ver.3.0.0

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Colosseum open

COMPO 1 _ 00182
COMPO 1 _ 02680

[Play] transcendence evolution!
Finally [Colosseum] open!
Tokyo Game Shou and across the country and the world their heated battle!

【Colosseum】Real-time battle

[Colosseum] not [real player] now you can!
To invite close people and friends, let's battle in real time!

It's not easy!
First, select the icon's location

COMPO 1 _ 00277

Select a partner
* Enter the user around, girlfriend, friend code, you can choose from.

COMPO 1 _ 00527

Invitation to accept someone matching complete!

COMPO 1 _ 02239

Choose a song
If chose each song is different than random, either songs

COMPO 1 _ 01107

Select the unit and seaport character

COMPO 1 _ 01159
COMPO 1 _ 01245

Battle start!

COMPO 1 _ 01548

Can also be matched at random!

COMPO 1 _ 00277

【Colosseum】Session battle

COMPO 1 _ 00380
COMPO 1 _ 02680

[Colosseum] with new rhythm game you can play d

[Section battle], with one person only, not with other players, including the three cooperation the battle!
It is able to challenge among the three others because the heated three-team battle mode!
Of course six-[real player] even so enjoy the battle while everyone excited!

[Session mode: the screen on the left and right had side players and play the rhythm game just like you, fire skills.

1.Three common performance gauge, state changes and abnormal status

Play an ally who is reflected in the same performance gauge, will share damage skills also.
[Poison] and [attack] of the status change such abnormal conditions or attack up 3 others becomes common.

2.Same as combo-fantastic combo 3

Success playing in [combo] and fantastic in the lead [fantastic combo] also on side three is common.
Three men in the successful play someone link if [combo],
In three of them, someone is fantastic for assessment because it leads if [fantastic combo]
You can meet and cover the side Miss.

3.Three separate skill Gage

Three players of character skill Gage and skills are charged separately, the fire.
Since fires can be prepared by each player are passed each unit leader
Will be more conventional battle fierce battle is expected.

4.Its own rules help enliven the battle

[Section battle] but adds its own rules on the conventional battlefield.
Rule comes in with the other players, so this advantage and get the victory!


[Section battle] in the groves tone in addition to the traditional music with the two on the right and left arrow
A posture.

This is [saportfrick] and good flick without the play succeeds in only the tap is
In that direction have to flick on the right or on the left sided player skill Gage (groves tones flicks only) full charge will be.

Thinking on when you don't have that attribute character ally, nothing happens, so figured out side unit, let me flick!

[Harmonyephect]: Rainbow s stone

[Section battle] but groves tone with rainbow color attributes in addition to the attributes of the traditional posture.

[Rainbow is stone] and do not recharge skill Gage in the unit, only increases a little performance gauge, but ally who everyone is fantastic to play and [harmonyephect] the fire.

[Harmonyephect] when triggered, all the character of ally's skill Gage full charge will be.

Will be started on full charge will be, so can be reversed quickly.

[Harmonyephect]: cures tone

[Section battle] in [harmonyephect] in recovery stone of fire.

[Rainbows tone: same as recovery stone ally who all is fantastic and to play [harmonyephect] fire.

[Harmonyephect] activate the performance gauges are recovered, all of bad effects (such as abnormal conditions, such as poison and paralysis and decrease attack power debuff) was on the side is gone.

Good effect rests on the side, blessing or attack power-ups will be alarmed.

Recover when losing so many performance gauges
It is effective in turning the situation around.

【Colosseum】Battle with celebrity

COMPO 1 _ 00553

Revised version of traditional play pickup users.
[Celebrity and battle] evolved into a mode!

You can choose from genres such as entertainer, singer, net creator celebrities like to battle.
So you can battle in which music your battle with your favorite songs!

You can also choose a celebrity in the ranking are playing right now.

By Maj with a yearning man your battle fun!

【Colosseum】Watch mode

COMPO 1 _ 00787

You can see the other players play.
So you can play you just fought my look at the opponents point of view
Can use to play and research units.

Playing in spectator mode and [Recording] also able [live] (* iPad, iPhone version only)
It can also be used as a battle once played slowly to live like that.

【Colosseum】Colosseum Quest

COMPO 1 _ 01167
COMPO 1 _ 01323

Depending on the outcome of the battle in the Coliseum, the item you will enjoy.
For example, things such as "day one day 10 full combo to" or "less than one day to 3-day".
[Prism pieces] and [tuner], so you can keep your advantage!

Quests within 1 day will be reset on the morning of that day.
Also, please note that the results are not reflected in the Coliseum but not valid, in the battle tower and free play.

【Colosseum】Bet Gold

At the Coliseum, before gold bets can be.
To win the battle and bet you can get a double gold after gold!
With defeat in the battle to reverse bets that gold will be lost.

Gold bets and earn good money!

Cooperation skill

COMPO 1 _ 02620

The "conditions" and "cooperation" with the new skills!
[Cooperation] and the additional effects occur if certain attributes to the side, by part, and character-specific skills that.
For example, "on the side drum part" skills, such as character has had in the unit, in addition to the performance is given blessings.

[Conditional] and the additional effects occur when friends and enemies a specific skill that is.
Enemy is the State of poison's for there skills up when "losing myself" up when damaging effect.

Additional effect of these skills is very powerful, and, more than ever [charge part] and [attribute], you would have to have crossed the unit organization while being aware!

Your existing skills and change some are.

Our performance up
→ performance stand up.To "nano ∞ universe" when a character has more performance.

Wake trigger
Our performance up
→ performance stand up.To "nano ∞ universe" when a character has more performance.In addition to losing significant recovery!

The annihilation of the trigger
Ally's attack power-ups
→ ally's attack power-ups.To "nano ∞ universe" characters when performance up.In addition to losing significant recovery!

☆ cute voice
Improve the performance of the side.In addition to seal them!
→ performance stand up.In addition to seal them!In 'guitar' character of other allied units in addition to recover!

So have added other skills look!

Up to the rank 45

User rank limit is freed up to 45.
Also changed is open rank 45-unit members of the 5th.
You can raise user rank 45 affiliated members up to the limit of the unit!

Continuous Login Bonus

When you log in login bonus plus a bonus by will get.
3rd log in [Prism piece] could.

Prism pieces

COMPO 1 _ 01323

How to obtain the requested Prism pieces has been increased.
In addition to colosiumquest, continuous login bonus
Battle Tower drop up as more getting.

Infomation batch

[For her] or the [real player] with added ability to inform, for example, will match.
Event information and information such as adding a new song even notice, so now not miss information that is low.

Battle is more simply, more interest

COMPO 1 _ 02818

I changed the battle screen more readable.
Especially [fantastic] was easy-related display.

1.[Fantastic combo] appear in the same position as normal combo, with the effects.
2.Fantacticefect and critical time meaningful effects and characters to display.
3.Shiny background combo or fever, will become visible.
4.Changed a little bit of damage of color and color of the text when it took effect.
5.Rendition of the battle starting time was changed.

Smooth running

Changed the movement on the menu screen as much as possible, don't wait to perform more smoothly.

Other fix

  • Due to changes to the Coliseum from the play, was unable to strike directly against application
  • Due to changes to the Coliseum from the play and gave a review of the stamina consumption and earn experience points and gold.
  • Support Member choices from unit formation screen no longer
  • Success using skills tuner tuning when you acquire the skill does not have
  • Now tune in at the same time gain experience maximum 999999
  • No longer able to finish the tuning remains less than the number of skills if you tune in learning new skills-based character remembered it skills.Be able to use the tuner to get skills.(* Switching possible)
  • Loading situation grasp with the various loading screen
  • Changed the "back" button to view all the time.
  • Song choice: "top" button, and has been integrated into the 'back' button.Once back in music artist folder into the transitions to the front page to the top level, press the "back" button again.
  • Added items to be displayed at one time in the list, such as character, item, ranking and user selection screens.
  • Favorites register became fast.
  • Tuning or 6-character multiple-selection of Scouting became fast.
  • Results display screen become faster.
  • Can now screen long press Cancel of loading time.
  • To save the position information of the hierarchy in the battle tower.
  • To display the Help menu within the app.
  • Fix to app startup device trouble, including updated information and terms of use.
  • Did not save the sort information in the selection screen of some glitches fixed.
  • Fixed bug loading, caching data in the Middle after trying to load again and from scratch starting load.
  • Cache data loading, apps can easily fall off now that bug was fixed.
  • Fix to momentarily freeze the display, Prism purchase window closed.
  • Tuning information is discarded if the tuning when the app was forced to quit bug fixed.
  • Fix to Scouting information is discarded if the Scout when the app was forced to quit.
  • Part in Terminal app can easily fall off now that bug was fixed.
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