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[Updates] Beat & Magicians Ver.2.0.0

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Battle Tower


Finally start the new game mode [battrtawer]!
Is the content clears the stage while collecting items, climbed the Tower Dungeon.

And each stage each 3-play five times.
And each stage is the boss, and to win them you can get a variety of items.
-Clears each stage and get the added bonus items!

To change the first selected until you clear each stage in the unit organization.

And they lost the game in the Middle, and is the stage from the beginning challenge.
-Also continue, you continue the gauge their performance on the succession from the last;

Stage event:
-Event stage: for a limited time with each stage independent exists.
However, event stage in such songs not play but fail to acquire the valuable items and event stage
-Boss drops the song song for additional events that also!

Tuning Fusion


Added new character enhancements [tuning synthesis]!
Let's strengthen the character of his pounding in this!

[Base character] and choose [material character] for up to 6 people, and new items [tuner]
And chose [material character] and [tuner] is consumed after preparation, no longer.
-The [successful] and [fail] there.If the [success] was given various rewards such as experience point bonus.
-[Base character] is selected [material character] and [tuner] by shows and various enhancements.

1."Aleppo" + "piyo Rin.
2."Aleppo" + "fire attribute character.
3."Piyo Rin" + "piyo Rin.
4.The "tune" give "skills with tuner.

-Merging the same character [positive] increases.
-[Positive] independently of the higher level, the character parameter.
-Level up to [positive] up and further enhance your character!

-Is used to synthesize new items.
-Tuner: remember the new skills [in addition to increase the success rate and tuner [encourage the evolution of specific]
-[Tuner] is [battrtawer] and in so you can get the look take a look at!

Scout map / Scout ticket


[Scout] on the new features!Get reacharacter in your own maps!

[Scout map]
-Collection of all the band members and music classroom 【map】 collected only dancers [dance classes map], such as [Scout Ticket] / [Scout map] is able to and once you get to scout on the map since.
-Normal map and just as [gold] and [Prism] the Scout.
-Just normal maps and maps containing the like [reacharact], you can get a more powerful character

[Scout tickets]
-Intensive [Scout map] is.
[Scout map] and you can Scout character in your own maps like.
[Gold] and [Prism] without consuming a Scout ticket can be scouted by paying.
-Scout ticket no longer place [Scout map] will no longer be able to scout around in there as long as it does not have.

-Scout 【map】 Scout ticket is neither [battle Tower] as in you can get.
-Get your own map and let's get reacharacter!

On battle


And on this "Bad", "Good", "Great", and "Perfect", "Fantastic" has been added.
-Rather than the "Perfect" when severe and more easily increase performance gauge.
And also when you activated the "Fantastic", once in a while the following special effects occurs.
-In the "Fantastic" exists separately from the regular combo Fantastic combo.
-Fantastic combo becomes a 10 combo, and triggered the fiber skill.
* Over the rhythm game "Fantastic" and "Perfect" same looks.


-Status effect new correctly [poison] [poison] [paralyze] [seal] [blessed] [lure] [dark] has been added.
-Take damage every time you play the score
And every time you play the score affected by damage
And once in a while to play the score does not increase performance.
And skills will no longer fire.
And every time you play the score with additional increases performance gauge
-Keep getting from different groves tone until the last minute, causing fog looks.
-Wrapped in darkness, disappears from groves tone until the last minute.

[Protection, absorption, reflection skills]
And to reduce the damage of the skill of the opponent [Defense], to absorb, to recover your performance gauges [absorption]
And works well only the attributes that correspond to each skill for each attribute exists.

[More than one effect skills
And, "given the damage, while opponents poison give skills with multiple effects were added.

-Changed some skill effects.

-Changed some abilities of the character.


[Login bonus]
-Get a gold each time you login from the title screen once in one day, may be like now.

[Cache download feature]
-Prior to cache data such as images and audio may be like now.
And you can play the game comfortable even when you encounter communication restrictions have made it.

[Song audition function ON and OFF]
-To switch OFF the song audition function can as now.
-Music listening time, heavy, or here to please your device to fall.


[Release levels:
-User rank limit [30] of the current [35] to pull up.

-Change the design of the Scout.Reacharacter shown in the slide.
-Change the Director of Scouting.Reacharacter Scout when the dedicated rendition.
And other hierarchical menu

-(Android) for multicore devices
-(IOS) dealing with PTI flies
And dealing with some skill activation time processing heavier problems
-Issue of Prism in action
-Dealing with problems had caused unintended taps
-(IOS) fix falls short during the battle

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