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Beat & Magicians Ver1.3 information

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Change design

All in the game, including UI design, redesigned.
More "clarity" and more "cool better" has been changed.
* Due to design changes, many features that add / change / delete is is.
Major stuff will follow.

[Related parameters:
-User-[level] [rank] and renamed it.
-Level of music [G ~ A] of alphabetic notation [LEVEL1-8] to of change numeric notation.
-Character of the [G ~ A] the romanized change notation in numbers from [★].
-Icons for skills.The rarity of the skill [★] number in.
And during battle against nemesis degree】 display.Their opponent's strength now to understand at a glance.
-Unit when you select [matching attributes] display.Units suitable for music was understood at a glance.

Fixed parts
-Remove the upper button function (direct-dial button to mute the sound, friends, message)
-Remove the information was displayed at the top of user's experience value
• [Play] button at the bottom of name [home] to change.

-[VSMode] the notation [play] to change.
-Play settings → "song" → "opponent" "units"-→ "degree of difficulty" to see changes.
And song selection when the candidate for the music show in the folder hierarchy.
-Play opponent when you select the to display the candidate in a scrolling list in a single change.
-Recording and live button press the button and change the play starts directly.
And instead of coming down on treasure chest item drops at the representation.
-Play result display screen to fit on one screen.
Change the value of stamina consumption by degree of difficulty

-How to edit the unit revamped significantly

-[New item list: delete
[Not list: the name [temporary left-luggage Office] to change.
-Added feature to remember character skills directly from the skills list
-[Present Word] of [other] feature moves menu.
-[Item code] of [other] feature was added to the menu.

-[Population] of the delete expression
-Added animation in the Scouts.
-Character selection when you Scout the skills for sure can be like now.

-[Tutorial] [message] deleted
Contains new features instead of *.

[Music play screen]
Large icon for the character.
And character skill activation time, increase skills and effect to send out text.
And so when the character skill Gage Ave, each line in a balloon out.
-Changed the effect of fiber skill when monk.

Freeplay & Shop is open

The modes playable without stamina consumption.
Rather than fight with the unit,
Normal rhythm to play high score.
Also aiming for top scores!
Play practice is good for easy mode.

You can get the music.
* Prism is required to retrieve the songs.
Other pick up the music and can play in the "free play"
Also at play daily play
You can play every day!
Pick up a favorite tune, aim to that song!

Adding music

[Finally lifted the crab miso P other than music!】
As of owata-p '-dichlorobenzene.
Added 20 songs and new songs!
In each creator as pickup
Are participating, so enjoy more hot!

Lobi community / Adjust timing etc..

Play videos, live videos, Nico Nico douga videos which you can post to.
Is able to communicate with other players by Lobi official community features
Can now be.
In addition, touch differed by timing each user independently
Added features can be adjusted.

Adding charactor

Newly added character and skills.
Maybe in a future catastrophic events can get a rare character too?

Change tutorial

More tutorial and easy to understand significant changes.
We interact with the character.
Navy with wonder and fun get globally by Maji!

* We can only towards new play from this version.


-Recording capabilities on Android sound will be suspended temporarily because of the large discrepancy.
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