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Beat & Magicians Ver1.2 information

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Suppot member&Friend


A new feature of friends around!I became easier to make friends.
And support Member features a newly added!

A character as the fifth member of the unit members have other users
You can hire as a supporting Member!

From the friends character listed in priority
Make a lot friends, hire a strong character!

Adding Contents

We have added more than 40 new character!Of course skills are also substantially add!
Many scouting have different types of character, create their own units!

* Adjust the power balance between the character is by adding.
Also the character of the existing number of skill slots increases, adjustments have been made.

Also, add features you can see illustrations of the character.
Raising the favorite character!


You can review your information.
My friend code is trying to make here.

Anywhere screenshot

Strengthened to share the image on a share after the match.

Also, press the camera button usually located on the menu or character illustrations make
I've added the feature to take a screen shot, you can share at the touch of a button.
In which their unit or character you get easily post SNS.


Change of volume and vibrator settings, user name,
Settings menu to add!You can change from the "other".

Play movie

Play videos posted to changed from Everyplay Lobi.
Improved performance when recording the handsets a little harder.

Adding music

Five new songs.
Songs you want to add is as follows.
* Please note that may day song list is changed daily for additional songs will not play.

  • LOVE DROID (album "SHOOTING STAR" from)
  • Silent Fears (album "SHOOTING STAR" from)
  • Diamond (album "SHOOTING STAR" from)
  • Add in a minor upgrade of the SHOOTING STAR (album "SHOOTING STAR" from) *:
  • In a small cradle (album "SHOOTING STAR") * in the next minor upgrade add


In addition to "sees a character list in Scouting", etc.
Changes have been made to play more but there's a lot!

* Major bug fixes
-Fixed bug: when your opponent uses "reduce the ability of opponents to kill
-Fixed part in the Android was to terminate
-Fixed status bar text overlap were characters in the app at iOS7

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