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Beat & Magicians Ver1.1 information

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Present word

Enter a gift award is listed in magazines and videos, which you can GET a character!
Typing a keyword from the "items" menu!
Miso P videos, such as the check from have potent character presents word is missing, we'll trace!
Collaboration videos also appeared one after another!

Event infomation

Events will be held in daily!
Less "consume stamina" and events increases experience gain, earn Gold, etc.
Each genre of music to play and you get to be like event!I usually play playing songs like no!

Play bonus

Depending on the outcome of play increases experience gain and earn Gold!
To achieve "full combo" percentage of "PERFECT", and the often result in damage to
You can get a bonus!It makes you uncomfortable until the end!

Share to SNS

We can share the music played in the SNS!
It gained only what you share and get gold!
Everyone around getting playing with by Maji!

Battle Infomation

Just a little information before playing!
Let's see someone challenge in any unit.

Adding Contents

Five new songs.14 type of character.Many skills that add!
Songs you want to add is as follows.
* Please note that may day song list is changed daily for additional songs will not play.

  • It near to me (album "a crab!" from)
  • Mimi I go (album "a crab!" from)
  • I'll have the crab! (album "a crab!" from)
  • Heat haze (album "a crab!" from)

Of new skills, such as the ability of opponents to temporarily lower skills skills
Have been added!
Strategy to increase the width.


In addition to "easier to see when you level-up", etc.
Changes have been made to play more but there's a lot!

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