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[Update] Beat&Magicians Ver.3.1.0

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Message function


You can now send and receive messages in the user-to-user with each other.

And transmission box, each sending a message from the Inbox, the received message can be confirmed.
– It can also be seen from the Inbox message from management.
Messages created you can check for new messages from.
Users can send only friend you are currently registered.
Message to create is set transmission possible number of times, and it will not be able to send to become the message 0.
If every week can be sent on Sunday the number is less than or equal to 10 times, can be transmitted number of times will be charged to 10 times.
Prism the possible transmission to use one number will be charged +10 times. (Up to 99 times)

status screen change


Status screen has been changed.
So as to constantly displayed the "pieces of the prism", it has always been to be able to see.
In addition, we have established a section to display a message from the management at the top.

Fix for starter

[TIPS update]
The TIPS up battle begins has been updated to the latest one.
In particular, it has been added a lot of things about the availability of the prism.

[At the tutorial end]
Five prism available.

[Confirm initial registration information]
If you distribute future the QR code with the item code
Make sure that you have used it after app installation
It is the ability to get the item.

[Scout ticket distribution]
I had get up to now to the end of the tutorial of scout the ticket of "Nanoshiti"
Change to 5 tickets for "A welcome village".

Leah can get the not the same as ever "nano∞universe" character,
You can use five tickets that can get always ☆ 2 ~ 3 of character even in normal.

[Five prism added to the daily lottery]
It added five prism in daily lottery.
The probability is low, but you have to be able to win more of the prism.

[Login bonus granted immediately after the new registration]
It was to grant login bonus at the tutorial end.


– Music does not appear occasionally bug fixes
– The first heavy tap bug fixes of the game
– It will not be occasionally displayed images and fonts at the time of the first reading bug fix
– Free during play, modification of the bug that the gauge does not decrease even if the mistake
– Free during play, modification of the bug that does not change the background well into the clear line
– Fixed a bug that stamina of recovery count may not recover occasionally even in the 0
– Music at the time of purchase button Fixed a bug that has become unresponsive

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