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[Updates] Beat&Magicians Ver.3.2.0

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Weekly Ranking


Weekly Rankinging feature is you can play at the Coliseum.

Every week on Sunday to rank within the Coliseum Saturday ratings, by ranking the top prizes will be sent!
Winning the lot, get a rare item!

And each track is played in the Coliseum is eligible.
• From the ranking screen during the week and also the results of the previous week.
-Prizes management with messages sent from as to conduct weekly Sunday.
-Addition/subtraction method of rating, and so far is the same.
And so far results replaces the weekly rankings to rating points ranking was displayed on the screen.
And another song ratings rankings so far available from the song details screen (you can move items and music selection screen)

Monthly Plan


The monthly plan is ailable on BEMAGI.
If you pay the price of one month, each plan as well as all songs play entitled to various benefits.
* Ver.3.2.1 and later is planned sequentially to iOS and Android
* not available in au smart pass Edition

Music plan
All songs by Maj in becomes available for play.
You can play without using a Prism even when new songs are added.

[Stamina plan]
Stamina is infinity in the will.
You can play at any time, without worrying about the stamina consumption.

Prism plan
You can receive daily one Prism.
You can receive per month to 30 degrees, rather than to buy 30 Prism deals.
In addition, facilities where you can exchange gold Prism is available.
So replace the Prism tend to lack creative festivity gold Prism to
You won't be bothered.

Other Fix

-Fixed a defect that do not disappear during the synthesis material character
-Fix to be sure to confirm the initial information
-Changed from QR code can navigate winners present Word fields

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