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[Updates] Beat&Magicians Ver.5.0.0

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About the version up

(Add at 2/3 (Sat))

Update to Ver.5.0 2/7/2017 (TuesDay) Android version.
Please check below.

For playing Android version,
in data refresh processing relationship on
Initializes the rating data for ranking events up from 2/5 to 2/7 ( before update )
Reflects the rating from 2/7 (after update) and the event rewards will be paid.
Friend list and Message list will be reset.
So please get your bonus for events and keep friend code for your friend.

(Add at 1/12 (Thu))
Update to Ver.5.0 1/25/2017 (Wednesday) only iOS version.
Please check below.

For playing iOS version,
in data refresh processing relationship on
Initializes the rating data for ranking events up from 1/23 to 1/25 ( before update )
Reflects the rating from 1/25 (after update) and the event rewards will be paid.
Friend list and Message list will be reset.
So please get your bonus for events and keep friend code for your friend.

Android version's update schedule is not determined.
When it is determined, we will post the infomation.

(Add at 12/1 (Thu))
We will postpone the update to improve stability.
Please see the following for details.

Notice infomation for already players

Bemagi Ver.5.0.0 is different from previous versions, battle-system surface with some significant changes.
List of abolished, colosiumquest and alternative content that are summarized below, so please refer to it.
To ever play our very inconvenience or inconvenience we apologize inconvenience please please forgive me.

Players, during the update we are playing better, and apology was then alone after the update for first time will be distributed by Prism 5000 (the count is after updated).
From this thank Beat&Magicians – by BEMAGI.

Main changes and alternative contents

◆ Change the battle tower
Event 「battle tower」 will no longer challenge, and modifies the contents of each.
It's still normal hierarchy of 「battle tower」「QuestInvation events」 still can treasure hunt. Tuner and Scouting maps is available at 「Tournament
◆ Colosseum quest discontinued
Integration dismantling of the 「Colosseum」,「Colosseum quest」 will no longer play
Play the 「Daily tournament」 daily content. Also weekly-all 「Invation events」「Tournament
◆ Reset the score record of free play
Once reset the scores of free play.
Because increased due to glitches, that it reached records in the past are not 「Fantastic」 from the middle of the flick 「Fantastic」 will be reset.Please forgive me for this record will be gone.
◆ Basic map Scout discontinued
Prevents a Scout in the base map.
Can scout or scout tickets map increase in weekly choice Event map and Quest instead of Basic map, you can scout locations has increased significantly.
◆ The abolition of user rank
User rank will be discontinued.
Union rank(G-SS) will be instead of the User level. Affects content requirements or matching, this Union point and fit serves as player's rating.
Increase in number of character ago you can register unit according to the user ranks can play in a 5 character from scratch from this update.
Union ranks will start from the 「G」 is all new and existing users
◆ Prism width change
Integrate pieces of the Prism and Prism
The new Prism unit of 100 times the old Prism.
Existing users of New Prism = Old Prism x 100 + Old Prism Piece will have.
◆ Attribute obsolete music
Attributes of the music will be discontinued.Character attributes are intact.
The obsolete attribute isNew Rule provides a battle.
You can enjoy music without having to worry about attributes of character and songs, character in battle.
◆ Spectator mode obsolete
Spectator mode of the old Colosseum will be discontinued.
So some Android devices will be lifted is recorded live features to use instead of
◆ First data update
Update after initial start data refresh operation.
Good communications to move the data refresh operation.
◆ Message and Friend list will be reset
Friend list and Message list will be reset.
So please get your bonus for events and keep friend code for your friend.


BEMAGI Ver.5.0, major changes in battle.
Let's introduce one by one.

Change menu

I changed the menu structure easy to understand.

Go to the home screen and
「Solo batle」 (formerly Single – battle)
「Section battle]
Of you can choose the menu of the three.

For example If you touch「solo batle」 「section battle」
「Free battle」
「Result events」
Of you can choose the menu.

「Event」 can participate in ranking events so far and addedInvation event, Tournament.
You can also see 「battle tower」 will go from here. Was 「battle tower」is so far not challenge only up to 100-can be challenging even with further hierarchy.
「Free battle」you can real time battle to choose the opponents so far 「Colosseum」.
You can specify the song ago the match.You can this with my favorite songs to play at any time.

In the 「exhibition」
「Celebrity and battle」
「Score attack」(old free play)
Of you can choose the menu.
The contents of this menu is the same as ever.

Invation events

Quickly, which attacked the enemy, so enter!
It is clear and can defeat all the enemies.
You can try to challenge many times during the period.
You may drop the items once in a while.
Updated once a week and be able to play in the event collaboration.


You can try to challenge only once during the period.
Lose and cannot challenge until the next period.
Win bonuses get!

Reportoire music



When selecting a song just like 「daily music」 appear.
「Repertoire music」 choice, you win the battle and get one stamp.
Collect 10 stamps during the period, and the music can get free of charge.
Solo battles, section battle regardless of collect stamps in all battle mode so
Come and try!

Change the rule

Modifies the rules of battle.
Better, easier than ever.

1. Attributes obsolete music

You can freely do battle in a favorite song, favorite characters and attributes the songs will be abolished.
Chosen songs with other players in real time battle also can battle under the same conditions.
To successfully tap it like flowing white normals stone, so a little all the character's skill Gage will be charged

2. Add attribute compatibility
Added compatibility for each attribute.

Strong grass attribute than fire.
Strong water than grass attribute
Strong water than fire.

light and darkness attribute has a strong relationship to each other.

Exploit weaknesses attributes with the 「Fantastic」 even without the skills become automatic critical against the 1.5 x damage.
「Fantastic」 and the scale is a plus also.

Consider the attributes of the other party, choose the unit!

3. Add a new stone and Fever skill

Stone in addition to normal the tone we showed you earlier, with new effects have been added.

First there is a attribute stone.


It is a colored stone like groves tone so far.
Tap it in the 「Fantastic」, with the same attributes character the skill Gage full charge will be.

Second there is the Fever stone.


Fever skill fire and tap it in the 「Fantastic」.
Until this 「Fantastic」 10 combos and performance Gages full tank had fired fiber skill is coming will tap Fever stone-only movement.

A reversal since the times of losing attributes stone, fibers tone emerging.


BEMAGI Ver.5.0, Scout faces significant changes.
Let's introduce one by one.

Event map

「Basic maps」 will be abolished and instead has enhanced the event map.
Weekly updated contents of the character can be scouted in a month.
Of course, the sudden events, such as the collaboration event is scheduled.

Character individuality

Character that Scouting is individual differences should appear.
Abilities and can grow differently from other players because there are differences in the skill you have in mind.
You can understand the difference of the character can be recruited from the Scout character details about individual differences.

Legend character

Rarely can Scout a character as legend character.
It is a very powerful character skills are the best thing to remember the legend character has ×1.5 the capacity of another character of the same type of ability or returns.
Limitation of the legend character is strong, but cannot register only up one body in each unit.

Detail of skill effect

You can understand more about the effects of skill.
You can add effects and apply it at a glance.
So often rank high skills will be very strong on the terms of the members of the unit
Build your unit while checking out!

Change scout animation

Director of Scouting will change.
And change the music, more has to be excited about.
We will Scout it fast!


From Bemagi ver.5.0 new Quest mode
Has been added.

Terminal location information use in the Quest mode
To explore the map while walking really is.

Around the various nodes, you tap it in different ways.
Node types, such as the following.

Dungeon node

Dungeon diving enemy battle.
Defeat all of the enemy in the Dungeon is cleared.
Sometimes I drop the item.
We can try as many times.
May get rare items usually do not get.
Content is updated once a month.

Scout node

You can Scout.
Gold Prism to use as normal Scouts.
Scout node high rank Cara at all, have been plastered and may
You may have rare characters do not hand in the other.
Content is updated once a month.

Treasure node

You can get the gold, Prism, or items.
It takes time to revive the once open the treasure chest.
Might come in handy is because the particular Prism to get that free play.

In addition various nodes.
In various regions, enjoy the adventure!

Units and Item

It is in by Maj ver.5.0 unit and item changes.


From BEMAGI ver.5.0 synthesis when tuning,
If you choose only the material character of the same base character attributes, experience value bonus will be added to the success bonus.
Also, same as Scouting Director has changed.

Detail of character

You can off detail window and press the button out so far on character details screen.
Press it again to return.
When you just want to take screen shot available.

Move the item menu

Moved in the 「Units」 menu item menu.


Significant changes in systems terms by Maj ver.5.0.

Union rank and Union point

Bill be removed from BEMAGI ver.5.0 user rank instead of the Union rank(G-SS)
Union rank changes content that can be played Quest and get bonus, matching your opponent in real time battle.

The Union rank fluctuates according to Union point.
Increase when victory in free battle, Union point or clear events and quests.
Please note that decreases when the Union point is defeated in free battle, as ratings points, unlike the experience value.

You can add 5 characters to a unit

From BEMAGI ver.5.0 but not limited to the Union rank and from the beginning units up to 5 people (out of a support Member) can be put.


Pieces of Prism will be abolished from BEMAGI ver.5.0, changes the length of the Prism.
The new Prism unit of 100 times the old Prism.
Existing users of New Prism = Old Prism x 100 + Old Prism Piece.


Strengthen the section of the tutorial, and will tell you a different story.
In addition to previous Navy, Wonder, new characters appeared!
Will you support the players.


Title screen

The title screen will change.
Not only the image is modified
At the title screen, choose the Reset cache, contact us menu take over in addition to that.
Cache reset is the same as the feature ran on 「take over」 button and hold it until, on data glitches that cannot navigate, or if you try.
Please use the 「contact us」 was no longer improving cache reset time behavior.

Recording function

So far only with iOS devices could not be recorded and live features available in Android!
Start recording, live at the start of the play, press 「live」 button 「record」.
Recorded video can be uploaded to YouTube, Nico-Nico, Twitter, Facebook, LINE, etc..

* Some Android-based smartphones, cameras, microphones and recording capabilities is not available due to the performance of the device.Please note that.

Before playing setting

「Playing speed」, 「vibrate」 「notes sound」 of can now set ago play ON and off.
Note: some device in vibrator notes sound does not support.

Monthly plan

Could not automatically update subscriptions so far the iOS version
BEMAGI ver.5.0, can now be AutoUpdate subscription.
You can shop-> from subscription to subscription.

Showing download data

Visualization for download, such as sound files or image files.
When trying to download this far bad communication environment location
I didn't know the music playing before Loading takes how long things
You can now understand.

Optimize android divices

The Android version of high speed overall.

Fix bugs

-Fix to not score attack (formerly free play) flick 「Fantastic」
-Fix to not reflect changes of the contents of the unit rarely
-Fix to content remains unchanged despite the received message in rare cases
And do not reflect the friend request is allowed in rare cases, even though bug fixes
-Made high speed and stability of downloads.
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