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【Update Information】 Beat & Magicians Ver.5.1.0

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Hell mode redesign / difficulty adjustment

Higher difficulty of HELL mode further.

  • The lane where the music runs only in HELL mode increases from 3 lane to 4 lane
  • The Double flick music score that needs to flick at the same time in HELL mode will flow

Adjustment has been added to other difficulty levels according to HELL mode change.

  • Extreme contains Double tap music notation.

Together with the high difficulty level of HARD, NORMAL music score in Ver.5.0
Compared to the score before Ver3, it changes as follows.

  • HELL … difficulty rise
  • Extreme … … difficulty of HELL before Ver3
  • Hard … … Extreme difficulty before Ver3
  • Normal … Hard hardness of Ver3 or earlier (but no hold)
  • Simple … … as before

Trophy function

At the initial clearing of "Battle tower", "Quest" "Music event" "Invasion event "
You can receive a trophy when you clear the HELL mode of each song with "Full combo" "Full fantastic".

Trophies are displayed in each dungeon, a list of events, a list of songs, etc.
It became clear which dungeon was cleared and which song was full combo.

As for songs, you can proudly show screenshots on Twitter, Facebook, etc. as it will be a proof of "Full combo" Full fantastic.

Changing song selection screen

Until now, I entered a folder for each artist and I selected music for each artist
We have removed the folder for artists and changed all songs to be able to be selected from the top level.
Accordingly, "Sorting function" has been added.
The sorting feature not only "Delivery Date", "Level" "Tempo (BPM) "You can now search for songs from other sources as well.

Choose "Daily song" or "Repertoire" in the folder as before.

Change menu configuration

We changed the menu at Ver.5.0 but because there were many voices that it was hard to understand
We also modified the menu structure.

Especially we have changed to focus mainly on "Battle tower" and "Ranking battle ".

Skill greatly added

We added nearly 100 types of skills containing many collaborative skills and additional effects.
We've added lots of skills to work together between groups of characters such as Vocal and Guitar, so unit organization may be fun.
New skills books can be obtained from "Battle Tower" or "Quest".


Dismissal / delete function collectively

We've added the collective dismissal and collectively delete features you have requested.
You can choose to bathered picking Characters, Skill scrolls, Tuners all at once.

Takeover positive value of same character

When performing tuning synthesis
You can now take over the plus value to the same character only.
Up to now, when tuning and synthesizing the same material character as the base character, the positive value of the base character was +1 (further +1 at the time of great success)
When you select a material character already plus, the corresponding plus value is added to the plus value of the base character as it is.

[Base character]
Guitar Teno + 2
[Material character]
Guitar Teno + 5

[Character after tuning]
Guitar Teno + 7 (Great success will be Guitar Teno +8 )

I think that it became easier to develop characters because it is now possible to take over the positive value when newly acquiring a character's legend character that he / she had raised.


Age confirmation function

We will check the age when purchasing the prism.
Charging for minors needs to obtain consent from parents.
Please be sure to obtain the consent of your parents before you buy the prism as you are asked if you got consent before buying the prizm.

Other fix points

  • I adjusted the maximum performance gauge of the battle.
  • I changed the notation position of battle gauge, character of "critical", number of combos. The position is adjusted so that the score can not be hidden as much as possible.
  • We adjusted it so that Feverstone will flow even if you win.
  • We adjusted the strength and drop item of the enemy in accordance with the release from the rank G of the battle tower.
  • We stabilized the operation of Quest.
  • We adjusted the contents of treasure box, dungeon, scouts in quest.
  • Scout of quest, show deadline that was set in dungeon
  • Scout's top screen changed
  • Changed Scout's character selection screen
  • Fix bug that location information is difficult to obtain on Android terminal
  • Fixed a problem that the music does not flow when playing online
  • Fixed bug that tap does not respond when playing online
  • Fix a bug that users who are not around are displayed in "Surrounding user search"
  • Fix a bug that icons disappear when listing users
  • Fixed a bug that notices of battle application etc might not arrive
  • At the time of a new start, change to be able to choose from three modes of "start user registration" "continue with previous data" "start with user registration"
  • Reduce loading time of songs and scout screens
  • Fixed bug that loading dialog will not disappear
  • Fix bug when using tuner that increases plus value during synthesis
  • Fixed a bug that the number of badges did not match when receiving a friend request
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