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【Update Information】 Beat & Magicians Ver.5.2.0

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Introduction of time management system fraud countermeasures

We addressed the act of acquiring item and prism illegally by manipulating the time of the terminal.

  • It became impossible to play with time shifting.
  • I prepared a penalty for those who were already staggered and played. Data can not be saved up to the date and time when the data was shifted and saved. If you are playing with time shifted until June 1, 2017, you can not play Biemaji until that day, regardless of whether you actually performed the wrongdoing. Wait until that day or reinstall and create a new account and play. Regardless of the act we did, we can not take penalty cancellation, mitigation etc measures here, so we appreciate your understanding.


Twin Dragons Tower is opening !!

Session Battle Exclusive Battle Tower "Twin Dragons Tower" will be released!
Let's get items by defeating the enemy with cooperation battle!
Every Saturday the new floor will be released!

Session Battle Event added !!

Attack event of session battle will be added!
Because there is a different reward from solo battle, let's challenge by all means !!
It will be updated every Tuesday !

Attribute restriction dungeon

"Attribute limitation" dungeon appears in the high ranked battle tower and quest dungeon.
Characters with restricted attributes will not be able to activate skills.
Let's challenge the dungeon while considering the composition of the unit!

30 kinds of characters added

A new character has been added.

Always treasure box drop

Battle Tower, Quest Dungeon, treasure chests at the event will always drop for every floor · stage!
Items become easier to acquire, making it much easier to raise characters.

Reward up of the tournament!

The winner's reward for the tournament became luxurious as the treasure chest reward in the dungeon went up!
Especially the reward of weekly · monthly tournament is up so let's challenge by all means!

Up experience gained!

Especially the acquisition experience value in the low level band has been up!
It is easy to raise the level, so you can proceed crisply.


12 shot scouts

"6 shot scouts" has been reborn as "12 shot scouts"!
You can scout 12 people at a time.
Prism cost per one came less than around 6 consecutive scouts!
Let's challenge by all means!

Add initial scout map

"First Village" "Minimum City" etc. Map familiar with Bimaji Ver 3 appeared as an initial scout map.
You can scout with nine scout maps from the beginning.
Contents of characters that can be scouted are renewed! You can also scout the newly added characters this time.


Help me! Nyabe! Ver1.0

Nyabe helps (on your own) when you lose to the battle or get stuck with the progress of the dungeon.
As we get prisms and items so that you can teach me how to proceed BEMAGI
It will be helpful to everyone!
Of course it is also possible to get items only and skip the explanation.

Other fix points

  • Temporarily deleted the menu "Start without user registration" due to server side problem
  • Changed the contents of the daily welfare advertisement. We made sure not to get reward without watching ad videos until the end
  • Change the design of the battle menu experimentally
  • We made page transition and animation of window slightly gentle
  • Critical and full charge display positions on the battle screen have been changed
  • Fix bug that you can not proceed quest dungeons
  • Battle Tower, Quest Dungeon, Change when the remuneration of the event is a rare item change to be written as "rare"
  • Accelerate loading of title screen
  • Fixed a problem that could be scouted even if the number of characters possessed exceeds 100
  • Adjust damage balance
  • Change enemy's play level calculation method
  • Rebalance of battle tower, quest dungeon, enemy character / reward of the event
  • Quest's treasure box reward, upgrade login bonus
  • Fixed a bug that the dialogue / image of the battle tower was wrong
  • Fix bug that can not be continued
  • Adjust the selectable difficulty level of the battle tower
  • Install "hiring" button on Scout's character selection screen
  • Fixed a bug that freezes when newly re-created after initializing data
  • Changed initial character
  • When creating a new story, display the download seek bar in a scene
  • Fixed a bug that age information was not saved when purchasing a prism.
  • Fixed bug that you can not purchase prisms when purchasing a prism, choosing 16 years old or younger
  • Fixed a problem that when you purchase a prism, you can not recover after selecting age information
  • .

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